Pine and Petal
Specializing in weddings and events: Beauty brought back to its true nature.


Wild at Heart


Hello! My name is Ashley Rose, owner and curator of Pine and Petal. My passion for working with flowers began foraging through my childhood gardens and romping in the woods. Growing up in Rhode Island, I am inspired by underlying connections and lines in nature that define the East Coast. From sweeping bluffs, pebbled beaches, rocky crags and old pine forests, these energetic landscapes are at the heart of Pine and Petal. I draw inspiration from my surroundings and the people I meet and personalize each design to tell a story. Here is part of mine…

I attended college in Colorado for geology and geography, but found myself exploring the mountains and desert, skiing and climbing. I took students in the backcountry as an educator and an advocate for environmental protection. These experiences, although incredible left me searching for more. I brought my wild heart back east to reconnect with my roots and pursue a creative direction. It felt natural to work with flowers, so as a self-taught designer I take great pride in my work and love sharing with old friends and new.

I believe that in essence, beauty can be brought back to its true nature by honoring it. My style breaks convention to become individualized and personal. I love flowers and the dynamic relationship they bring to our lives. It is these connections we have to nature which binds Pine and Petal with each client and event. I would love to hear your story and work together to bring yours to life.