Pine and Petal
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Styled shoot

Last season, Catherine from Idlewild Photo wanted a large floral crown to capture Fall with shades of red and mustard. Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s work Self-Portrait, Dedicated to Dr Eloesser, 1940, I made her iconic crown to symbolize the truths of love rather than the abandonment Kahlo felt at the time. Red, is a symbol of love but also danger, anger and adventure, it is a color that defines so many intense and passionate relationships. Although, Khalo and Rivera were split at the time of her self-portrait, the dim colors she used show the emotional impact he had on her and the cold feeling love can leave.

We decided to capture love in a stark landscape, as a beacon for what is stored within us, even when the world feels cold and dim. It can be said that fall and winter hold the most growth in nature. It’s a time when the tree roots dig deep to hold water, and store energy for new growth before the warm spring sun wakes them up. What we store and hold onto in our deepest of hearts fuels us all year, even when you can’t physically see it is there lying in wait to be nourished by a bright light.

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